Top Rated Drug Rehab in Massachusetts

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Top Rated Drug Rehab in Massachusetts

Substance use disorders are often misrepresented in the media, which may make it difficult to determine whether you are experiencing addiction. Many people struggle with the difference between recreational use and dependence, and the truth is that there are millions of Americans with substance use disorders who do not recognize they have a problem. Some common signs of addiction to look out for include:

Substance use disorders are often misrepresented in the media, which may make it difficult to determine whether you are experiencing addiction. Many people struggle with the difference between recreational use and dependence, and the truth is that there are millions of Americans with substance use disorders who do not recognize they have a problem. Some common signs of addiction to look out for include:

    • Developing a tolerance for the substance (needing to increase the dosage over time)

    • Starting to use the substance at inappropriate or dangerous times, like at work or while driving

    • Continuing substance abuse even when it negatively affects your work, home life, and health

    • Using substances to cope with difficult emotions or to feel good

    • Losing interest in your usual hobbies and activities

    • Being unable to get through the day without using the substance, or feeling “off” without it

    • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you cut back your dose

    • Being unable to stop, even when you want to

If any of these sounds are familiar, it may be time to speak to your doctor or an addiction professional. Addiction is a serious issue that does not go away on its own, so the sooner you begin treatment, the better.

Psyclarity Health is the best place for men living in the Boston area to access safe and effective detoxification and rehabilitation treatments for substance use disorders. We work together with you to customize your program, providing acute detox treatments, as well as inpatient rehab in a comprehensive treatment plan that incorporates care like:

    • 24-hour medical oversight from licensed and board-certified doctors and nurses

    • Prescription medications are provided during acute detox to ease pain and anxiety

    • A safe and comfortable environment in which you can relax and heal away from the pressures of everyday life

    • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs for those weaning off opioid drug use

    • Evidence-based therapy provided by masters’ level psychiatrists and psychologists

    • Group therapy and family therapy

    • Dual diagnosis programs for those with a  co-occurring mental health issue like anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, or depression

    • Holistic treatments for stress management that include yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and exercise programs

    • Educational groups provide the tools and understanding needed to move forward in life after rehab

    • Relapse prevention programming to help each patient understand their triggers and how to manage them

    • Behavioral health care that includes cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy

Heroin Rehab in Massachusetts

top rated drug rehab ma

Opioid drugs like heroin are highly addictive substances that, when abused, can cause blissful or euphoric sensations by altering the chemistry of your brain. These drugs also cause feelings of nausea, confusion, and sedation because heroin binds to the opioid receptors that react to pain and emotions while lowering your heart rate and breathing rate. It is a drug that quickly causes a tolerance to build, with physical dependence occurring as over time the natural dopamine receptor pathways and other areas of the central nervous system become physically changed to depend on heroin to work properly. This causes you to feel like you need the drug just to feel normal, and withdrawal symptoms begin to set in if you do not take heroin regularly, leading to addiction as use becomes compulsive.

When you come to Psyclarity Health, heroin detox will be the first step after admission. This may take time and require prescription doses of FDA-approved medications to withstand. Withdrawal symptoms from heroin include muscle aches and pain, digestive issues and abdominal cramping, restlessness, uncontrollable leg movements, anxiety, sleep issues, rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, and severe drug cravings.

Acute treatments may include medications to help you rest, treat anxiety, sweating, and muscle pain, and manage nausea and blood pressure levels. Your health and wellness will be monitored 24 hours a day by board-certified doctors, licensed nurse practitioners, and other experienced mental health and medical professionals.

Depending on your need, you may also begin a medication-assisted treatment program (MAT) that uses Methadone or Buprenorphine to help manage pain, distress, and cravings. These are medications that mimic the effects of heroin in the body but are given in small doctor-prescribed doses that do not get you high or create a new addiction. Over time, the dosage is reduced until the physical dependence subsides. MAT programs are usually longer-term, giving patients much-needed relief as they start to put the pieces of their lives back together again through rehab, repairing broken relationships, getting back to work, etc.

Long-term rehab is often recommended for anybody quitting heroin, in an integrated treatment plan that incorporates a variety of therapies and healing techniques, along with strong relapse prevention skills and education about addiction.

Drug Rehab in Massachusetts

Psyclarity Health Massachusetts drug rehab programs are always customized to each of our patient’s individual needs so you can get the right types of treatments for your unique condition. We integrate mental health care with behavioral therapies and physical health, using evidence-based treatments that are backed by science. We combine this with spiritual health, providing an additional layer of wellness through programs like yoga, acupuncture, meditation, and exercise programs, for a whole-patient approach to healing.

Spending a full month or more in our treatment program will give you the care, support, and tools you need to achieve your personal recovery goals, regain control over your mental health, build your physical strength, and learn relapse prevention and stress reduction tools that will last a lifetime.

Meth Rehab in Massachusetts

Methamphetamine (also known as meth or crystal meth) is a highly addictive synthetic drug that acts as a powerful stimulant to the central nervous system. This drug provides a short-lived euphoria followed by a crash that often results in repeated uses in a short time. These binges can last days at a time, which can quickly result in dependence and addiction.

Medical detox is often required for meth, as the drug and its corresponding habits often cause serious dehydration, dental issues, mental health disorders, sleep issues, malnutrition, and health problems associated with substances that are cut into the meth by unscrupulous suppliers. Close monitoring, along with hydration, healthy food, and prescription medications are provided during meth detox at Psyclarity Health. Because depression and psychosis are common issues that appear during detox, intense mental health care also starts on day one.

After you are medically stable and feel ready to move on from detox, the next step for most people will be a stay in inpatient rehab, with plenty of counseling, educational support, social and peer support, group therapy sessions, and more, helping you regain your sense of self and start fresh as a sober individual.

Why Choose Psyclarity Health For Drug Rehab in Massachusetts

Psyclarity Health is a male-only substance use disorder treatment facility in Massachusetts, offering treatments that are created within the context of each patient’s environment and commitments, forming partnerships with employers and unions to ensure each patient gets the right level of care and support for their long-term needs. No matter which substance(s) you have been using, we can help you take your life back on your terms.

You will move into our rehab center full-time while in treatment, away from distractions and temptations. This will provide you with time outside of your usual routines and habits, staying within a structured environment that promotes healthy sober living. You will gain insight and heal underlying pain and trauma through therapy while gaining new techniques, tools, and strategies that will help you live the life you want to after rehab. Time away from home may also give you a new perspective on relationships, communication styles, and habits that you may wi