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Recovery from mental health disorders is a long-term process that evolves with you. At Psyclarity, we provide support for every step of your journey to recovery, from your initial consultation.

With our comprehensive treatment plans, we consider not only where you are, but where you want to be. Our plan addresses the whole arch of your recovery, considering your specific challenges and goals, to build a strong foundation and logical path to get you there.

Our private mental health care facilities provide support, strength, and privacy as you work through the process. We use comprehensive, evidence-based treatment programs that are designed for each patient’s unique needs and difficulties, all guided by compassionate clinical care teams.

Whether you’re taking the first step in recovery or looking for transitional care before returning to your daily life, we’re here for you. From Residential and Inpatient care to IOP and Aftercare, our full-spectrum approach ensures that you have a strong continuum of care that guides you in your journey.

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Residential & Inpatient

Our Residential and Inpatient Treatment Programs are our highest level of care. Our fully residential program keeps you in a safe and secure space with around-the-clock staff and a judgment-free environment to face your mental health concerns and find a new way forward.

Everyone’s experience with mental health recovery is different, which is why we take a whole-patient approach to make sure our treatment plan is designed to work for you. We’ll evaluate your circumstances, goals, challenges, and underlying struggles to find the ideal program for your needs, which may include modalities like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

Outpatient and

Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are a step between Residential Care and Aftercare. These behavioral health services  treat intense symptoms of mental health without committing to living in a facility. Patients can tend to their daily responsibilities along with addressing their mental health, ensuring minimal disruption to daily life. Each program takes place during the day, helping patients balance the demands of work or family without putting recovery on hold.

Both of these programs involve psychotherapy that is proven to help with mental health, such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Response.

If you’re looking for a flexible schedule to focus on recovery and have time to manage the responsibilities of daily life with autonomy, IOP and Outpatient services are the ideal choice.


Transitioning from an Intensive Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment Program to everyday life is an abrupt change that comes with unique challenges. Patients are faced with familiar stressors and new difficulties that can weaken resolve and put them at risk of relapse or setbacks.  

It takes time to learn to manage daily life after mental health treatment. Aftercare offers guidance and support to help you cope with regular stress and learn techniques to overcome it. Patients often enter Aftercare programs to transition safely and confidently into their regular roles and responsibilities.


There’s no such thing as “recovered.” The process is continual and ongoing, requiring commitment and resolve along the way, and it may look different for everyone. Supportive Housing offers a support system to help patients reintegrate into daily life with a network of peers to discuss challenges, share experiences, and find a new way forward.

Our Supportive Housing Homes are private, confidential, and comfortable spaces to continue with treatment and therapy among supportive peers on the same behavioral healthcare journey. Patients have space, autonomy, and flexibility to work through their unique challenges, but with a community of other patients to help.


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