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Innovative Technology
for You and Your Patients

In addition to our wide range of outpatient services, we also offer a data-driven app designed to optimize and revolutionize the treatment experience.

The Psyclarity Health app will enable you to upload and monitor your client’s health records electronically. You will be able to:

  • Upload all clinical documentation, notes, and medical reports
  • Track and give input on your client’s treatment program
  • Offer support and telehealth services through the app to your patient

The app has also been designed to help our patients build and monitor their recovery plan, engage with a recovery community, access telehealth sessions, track progress every step of the way, and be their go-to recovery toolbox on their recovery journey.

Addiction Treatment
for Union Members

Union membership brings with it many benefits. Among them are better wages and job benefits, better job security and employee rights, and safer working conditions. Most US unions offer members healthcare policies and health insurance that assist with problems related to substance abuse or mental health.

Treatment for
Union Members and Dependents

These policies allow individuals to benefit from better addiction treatment and healthcare than if they were not unionized. Often, however, union members are unaware of the level of coverage they have access to. Also, they may not know that these facilities are available to them without compromising their careers or their privacy if they go about seeking treatment.

Developing Healthcare

The Psyclarity Health team works with unions and labor organizations to help both union leaders and their members face the difficulties of substance use disorders, along with the life challenges that may occur. The center has strong associations with various unions, as well as referring professionals such as those representing employee assistance programs.

The staff at Psyclarity Health consists of qualified professionals specializing in a range of health care services, including mental health services pertaining to addiction recovery. These include case managers, doctors, nurses, psychologists, and psychiatrists who understand the issues related to maintaining professional duties while coping with a substance use disorder. 

Addiction may also co-exist with other mental health issues, making treatment more complicated. The combination of the two can lead to personal problems, both at home and in the workplace, creating conflict with employers that may result in employment penalties or even dismissal. 

In some cases, a firm may have Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services to assist employees with drug addiction or other substance abuse problems. Many may provide counseling services, education, and other forms of health promotion. If left unattended, substance abuse can result in disciplinary action and even dismissal, leading to long-term unemployment and further mental health problems. However, with the help of