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Rehab Aftercare:
The Next Step After Addiction Treatment

Finishing Residential Treatment, Inpatient Care, or an Intensive Outpatient Program is a huge accomplishment. But after seeking care and successfully completing addiction treatment programs, what’s next?

The recovery process is not an easy one. You’ve been steady and measurable in your progress, but sobriety is an ongoing effort – not a box you can check off. You’re ready to build the next phase of your life, and aftercare is the ideal solution.

But what does that look like? How can you prevent relapse?

True recovery is a long process that continues long after treatment. You’ve come a long way, but everyday life can come with struggles in work, school, family, or interpersonal relationships. Aftercare programs help you maintain sobriety after drug treatment by developing healthy coping mechanisms for life’s challenges. 

Through support groups, individual therapy, and ongoing care provide you with the tools you need for sustainable sobriety and a fulfilling life.

What Is an Aftercare Program?

An aftercare program offers a safe and structured form of ongoing care that begins after a Partial Hospitalization program, an Intensive Outpatient program, or other treatment program. The skills patients gain in aftercare programs equip them with the coping skills to anticipate challenges with their addiction and face them with resolve.

This part of your treatment plan focuses on relapse prevention, coping skills, and peer support is paramount to achieve lasting sobriety, which is what patients can achieve with a tailored aftercare program or a sober living facility.

Why Is
Aftercare Important?

Addiction treatment programs are highly effective, but relapse prevention can still be a challenge. Patients may struggle to adapt to everyday life and balance their responsibilities, which is when obstacles to sobriety can creep up.

An aftercare program ensures a patient has access to group therapy, individual therapy, and ongoing support with recovery peers to pursue long-term recovery and sobriety. These programs provide the coping skills to face challenges and overcome them as a defense against relapse.

What Our Aftercare Program
Looks Like at Psyclarity

The aftercare program at Psyclarity addresses the biggest obstacles in the recovery process with strategic planning. After a Partial Hospitalization program or Residential Treatment program, patients may feel isolated and helpless as they reintegrate into everyday life. Our aftercare program takes the same scientific and holistic approach to give patients the most effective care available.

Clinical staff and mental health providers offer compassionate, evidence-based care to prepare patients for rebuilding their lives and developing healthy and lasting habits and skills for life’s difficulties. The focus isn’t just on sobriety but achieving whole-person well-being.

Achieving Long-Term Recovery Is Challenging, But We’re Here for You

The aftercare program at Psyclarity is ideal for lifestyle reintegration after drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. There’s no single approach for everyone – we provide personalized care plans with the most effective treatment modalities to support your long-term goals.

Every treatment program we have at our addiction treatment center is based on evidence and efficacy. We approach whole-person healing and recovery with mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual habits to overcome the risk of relapse and provide a continuum of care.

What Are the Benefits
of an Aftercare Program

Whether you’re looking into aftercare programs for yourself or a loved one, there are virtually limitless benefits for addiction recovery.

Support Groups
and Peers

Patients often feel alone in their struggle with addiction. Aftercare programs provide peer support through group therapy with individuals working toward similar recovery goals and facing the same obstacles.


Individual therapy sessions are a critical aspect of aftercare programs. These sessions help patients approach their substance abuse challenges with a flexible schedule that ensures they have the support they need while managing daily responsibilities.


Patients should have a sober support system and ongoing treatment to stay focused and armed against the challenges and risks of relapse. Our treatment center has a qualified and compassionate care staff to provide the highest level of addiction treatment services as you reintegrate into everyday life.

Develop Skills for
Lasting Recovery

Recovery isn’t a singular achievement, but a continual effort. Addiction and mental health issues are chronic by their nature, creating ongoing struggles for patients after a treatment program. Aftercare programs equip patients with the skills and tools to live a fulfilling life while managing their recovery.

As patients progress through treatment, attend group therapy sessions, and share their experiences with support groups, they can practice self-care and learn the healthiest way to reach their goals and prevent relapse in everyday life.

Aftercare: FAQ

Below are answers to some of the most common questions about aftercare and recovery.

Why Do You Need Aftercare Post-Recovery

Recovery is not a one-and-done process. Recovery is for life. Aftercare can help make the transition into your new life outside of a recovery environment smoother.

What If I Need More Support Outside of My Aftercare Sessions?

We commend you for recognizing that you need additional support. If you need more help outside of your remote care or aftercare sessions, speak with someone on your care team to learn about additional options for you.

What if I Relapse?

Concerns about relapsing are common among those in recovery. If you find yourself returning to addictive substances or harmful behaviors, speak with your care team. Depending on your unique circumstances, you may need to re-enter a more acute level of care or undergo detox. We are here to help you achieve lifelong recovery.

WIll My Health Insurance Cover Substance Abuse Treatment?

Most major insurance providers cover admission into a drug abuse recovery programalcohol rehab program, or program that treats co-occurring disorders. During your admissions call, our specialists will confirm your eligibility with your insurance  provider.

If you or a loved one are suffering from drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or dual diagnosis, call and speak with a member of our team to discuss life-changing treatment options.


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