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Innovative Technology
for You and Your Patients

In addition to our wide range of outpatient services, we also offer a data-driven app designed to optimize and revolutionize the treatment experience.

The Psyclarity Health app will enable you to upload and monitor your client’s health records electronically. You will be able to:

  • Upload all clinical documentation, notes, and medical reports
    Track and give input on your client’s treatment program
    Offer support and telehealth services through the app to your patient

The app has also been designed to help our patients build and monitor their recovery plan, engage with a recovery community, access telehealth sessions, and track progress every step of the way.

Treatment Centers for
School Districts and Universities

Statistics show alarmingly high figures of alcohol and drug abuse in schools and universities. While issues such as peer pressure and exam stress can cause some youth to turn to unhealthy coping methods, schools can be a positive setting to support substance abuse and mental health challenges.

Mental health care in schools has become an important component of human services to help young people deal with the challenges of high school culture and the transition to adulthood. Research shows that alcohol and drug abuse brings with it severe emotional trauma and may even lead to suicide in extreme cases.

School district treatment programs can be effective in providing assistance and guidance to children and adolescents facing these issues. Early intervention has shown positive outcomes, particularly when parents and families are involved. Their support may encourage the patient and reduce the anxiety of facing treatment.

However, there is a limit to the level of care that can be offered by educational institutions. Guidance counselors and teachers who need help with children facing substance abuse challenges can turn to Psyclarity Health for specialist support. Our expert team of medical specialists is well-versed in providing individualized treatment for students who may be facing the overwhelming challenge that substance addiction poses and provide a better chance of lifelong recovery.

Addressing Mental Health
Challenges in School Districts

The manner in which schools provide school-based mental health care is often varied. They may implement training or education programs overseen by a vocational counselor, school psychologist, or social worker. These programs are helpful for preventing problems and early identification of mental health issues. Including communities in addressing health education can also be beneficial in identifying young people or children who may be at risk.

Teachers are able to develop age-appropriate material and resources that support these programs, as well as planning youth leadership systems in which student peers can guide each other to make healthy life decisions. Involving families and communities within the school district is also important. 

However, there are limits to what can be done by teachers and other educators. Early identification may highlight a child or young person at risk of developing a problem, but it then becomes necessary to rely on a partnership with a medical health care professional who specializes in the needs of children or students requiring addiction treatment.

Psyclarity Health can assist by providing a partnership in the care of young people facing these challenges. Our specialist team of medical p