Psyclarity Health partners with a number of specialist organizations to offer behavioral health treatment services to people throughout the United States.

Whether caring for friends and family members, or members of larger groups such as Employee Assistance Programs or unions, the Psyclarity Health support staff provides a seamless experience from introduction through to continuing care.


We are proud to partner with a number of organizations that need to get help for their community members, patients, or employees.

Some of the organizations we work with include:
• Active Military & Veterans
• Union Members & Dependents
• Employee Assistance Programs & CEAPs
• Clinical Professionals
• Substance Abuse Professionals
• Government & Municipalities
• School Districts & Universities
• Community Organizations

Learn more about some of the professional relationships we foster, and how we can help members of your community, practice, or organization.

Small employer groups face many challenges when trying to help employees battling addiction or mental illness. Psyclarity Health can help get your employees into recovery through our seamless intake protocols.

There are many administrative hurdles to overcome when getting employees from large employer groups into treatment. Psyclarity Health offers simple processes that ensure employees get the help they need.

Professionals who run Employee Assistance Programs require the support of experts in the field of behavioral and mental health care when referring employees to addiction or mental health treatment. A solid relationship with a specialized behavioral health provider like Psyclarity Health can facilitate processes when these services are necessary.

Substance Abuse Professionals representing various industries are tasked with the sensitive responsibility of placing staff members in drug or alcohol rehab or mental health treatment. Psyclarity Health offers comprehensive
treatment options for a variety of requirements and makes the referral process easy for SAPs.

Encouraging employees or family members to acknowledge that they may need alcohol or drug rehab or mental health treatment can be a daunting prospect. Psyclarity Health’s certified addiction health care specialists can help with this intervention process.