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Best Outpatient Alcohol Rehab in Boston, MA

Alcohol use disorder is a complex disease that affects more than just the physical body. It is a pattern of alcohol use that creates a variety of issues in a person’s life, altering their health, their social relationships, their mental health, and more. The development of an alcohol use disorder is often gradual, and it can be difficult to know whether you need professional assistance. Some common signs of alcohol addiction include:

    • Developing a tolerance, or needing to drink more to achieve the same level of inebriation

    • Isolating yourself from friends and family

    • Losing interest in hobbies and activities you used to enjoy

    • Feeling “off” if you do not drink alcohol

    • Having relationship problems due to drinking

    • Continuing to drink even when it begins to affect your life in a negative way

    • Thinking about drinking alcohol often

    • Drinking alcohol in the morning and/or in secret

    • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms

    • Having alcohol cravings

    • Being unable to quit even when you want to

For many, the thought of alcohol detox and alcohol rehab may feel like a big deal, and in many ways, it is a big step to take, but if you are finding that alcohol is hurting your life, it may be the right move for you.

Going to rehab is not something to feel ashamed about. You are taking care of your health, making improvements to your life and your self-esteem, handling mental health issues, and working toward becoming a healthier person with a better quality of life. Because addiction is such a difficult and complex disorder, a rehabilitation program provides medications, therapies, and education that will help you gain insight into your life and yourself, rebuild your mental and physical health, and teach you how to live life in recovery.

Although inpatient detox and inpatient rehab are often excellent first steps for most people with an alcohol use disorder, for some, stepping away for an extended period from family responsibilities, career commitments, and life’s obligations is not always possible. This is where outpatient rehab comes into play.

Outpatient rehab is often used as the next step after inpatient rehab, but in some cases, a person may move directly into outpatient rehab after detoxing from alcohol. This way, they can continue to live at home, while receiving the care and treatments they need in the mornings, evenings, or on weekends during scheduled sessions. This is often a good option for single parents, high-level executives, caregivers, and full-time college students.

Before beginning outpatient rehab, most programs will require you to spend at least one week inside an inpatient medical detox facility, as your body recalibrates. You may also wish to spend some time in inpatient rehab before beginning outpatient treatment. Psyclarity is the best option for Boston residents, offering safe and effective inpatient treatments that will keep you safe through detox and get you ready for outpatient care.

Alcohol Rehab That Allows You To Still Go To Work & School. (Can I go to Work and school during rehab?)

Outpatient alcohol rehab programs allow you to continue to work and go to school, as they are usually offered during convenient time frames like early in the morning or in the evenings. Your outpatient program will depend on the treatment center and your unique needs, but they can usually be customized to suit your lifestyle and your work schedule. The purpose of outpatient rehab is to help you reintegrate back into your normal life as you practice your new recovery skills, and your therapists, case workers, and doctors will do all they can to help your treatment program run smoothly as you make the transition.

Benefits of Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

outpatient alcohol rehab boston

Some of the biggest benefits of choosing alcohol rehab include:

    • The cost, as it is often less expensive to continue living at home, without missing work, as you get treatment

    • You will be able to see friends and family who can provide support and care as needed

    • You may not need to take time away from work or school to get treatment

    • It may be a more discreet option as you won’t need to arrange for time off work or childcare, etc.

    • You can practice your new recovery skills as soon as you learn them

    • You will meet an entire community of sober peers who live in your area

IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) in Boston, MA

IOPs are usually delivered in the evenings or mornings, with sessions that last around three hours a day, three to five days a week. These are popular programs, as patients can live at home and arrange their treatment around their schedule. You may also choose to move into a sober living home for extra support. Most IOP programs last 30 to 90 days, but the timeline will depend on your unique needs.

PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) Near Me

PHPs are generally short-term programs, lasting two to four weeks in length, to help those leaving inpatient rehab transition back out into the world without becoming overwhelmed with the freedom this entails. Patients will return home or move into a sober living home, and then come in for full days of treatments, usually 5-7 days a week. An IOP is often the next step after a PHP.

Which Outpatient Treatment, IOP or PHP Is Right For Me?

To figure out which type of outpatient treatment is best for you, it is best to speak with an addiction professional. They will likely recommend a PHP if you are not feeling confident in your newly sober status if you are still experiencing withdrawal symptoms, or if you require further mental health support. The daily structure of a PHP provides a high level of comfort to patients leaving inpatient rehab and is often the best way to transition back to living at home after residential treatment.

An IOP is a good program for those who are feeling strong and ready to get home and get back to work as quickly as possible. If you are motivated in treatment and can reliably get yourself to all doctors’ appointments, therapy appointments, groups, and other treatments, an IOP might be right for you.

Why Choose Psyclarity Health

At the men’s only Psyclarity Health detox center near Boston, we offer high levels of advanced medical care provided by doctors and nurses who are on-site 24 hours a day. Your detox will be customized to best suit your unique needs, with prescription medications to help ease pain, nausea, anxiety, and other discomforts, while keeping you safe from dangerous side effects like seizures and delirium tremens. You will live inside the treatment center full-time for your safety, and to help y